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  provide AUTHENTIC Sunburst Hair Growth liquid and 100% Nautral.

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Sunburst Hair Growth liquid have Amazing Three functions:oil control, anti-alopecia, hair papilla activation. Chinese herbal formulas offer Sunburst Hair Nourishing liquid to stimulate the blood circulation of the head by massaging the scalp,improve the absorption and hair growth.

Main ingredient

Ginseoside monomer directly penetrate into hair follicles and resume their function of hair growth and activate hair papilla. Angelica contain polysaccharides, various amino acids, vitamins and trace elements can accelerate blood circulation provide the necessary nutrients for hair growth. Salvia yunnanensis accelerate blood circulation, enabling more follicles to be generated. Cistanche With Anti-angin effects, regulation body endocrine, promote metabolism, activate hair papilla,enabling more follicles to be generated. Radix stemonae can inhibit a variety of bacteria and fungi grow. Safflower Anti-aging effects, regulation body endocrine .

Sunburst Hair Growth Reviews


Sunburst Hair Growth Liquid

I have only been using this product for one month My hair has stopped falling out feels and looks fu...

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Sunburst Hair Growth Liquid

this product does work I see new hair everywhere the price is quite reasonable

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Sunburst Hair Nourishing Liquid English and Arabic version

after a week i sow a good results so i hope to finish it with the best results thanks

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